Achieving greater social impact through collaborative media

Businesses want better relationships with the communities around them, but locals often still feel ignored. We empower people and organisations to engage in two-way communication, increasing the benefits for all.

74% of the public say they trust local news sources compared with only 22% for social media*, yet lack of innovation has seen traditional operators struggle and fail. It's time for a new approach: cultural storytelling that is positive, ethical, democratic and sustainable.

We are The LOcal COntent COmpany.

*YouGov 2018



We celebrate neighbourhoods with positive multi-media content. Brilliantly written, succinctly curated, and run by locals. We explore the topics our readers ask for


From community networking drinks to exclusive food previews, and business awards to participatory editorial meetings, the real world is a key platform


Constant dialogue with a highly-engaged readership is the basis for unrivaled analysis and feedback loops. Revealing what locals of all ages genuinely feel, need, do and want



Beautiful mobile-first digital platform lets words, images, audio and video shine


Premium free print editions are universally popular and act as a showcase for everything we do


Sharing our own content plus the best from our partners for the ultimate neighbourhood cultural digest

The Lococo publishes KX Quarterly for King's Cross estate owners Argent


Your neighbourhood is totally unique. Every area requires a bespoke solution when creating a successful, sustainable local media.

Whether we’re working with a single big stakeholder or for multiple community interests, our platforms are designed to be inclusive, offering opportunities and advantages for everyone locally.

From property developers to youth groups, we help foster greater communication and collaboration, promoting the growth of a stronger circular economy.


Fulfill ESG, Section 106 and CSR obligations, actively and visibly supporting the grassroots local community. High Street & SME businesses benefit too from the ‘subsidised’ promotional platform, helping improve local goodwill and impact measurement.

We provide a fully professional owned media solution, which covers local people and initiatives in unparalleled depth. Creation of a valuable community asset from levy funds. A direct channel for BID comms and insights.

An ideal showcase for the work being done in your zone. A CSR vehicle for outreach to existing locals, and an active platform for involving them meaningfully in some of the benefits of a new project arriving on their doorstep. 

A new source of valuable data on local residents and businesses. An ideal platform for reaching more marginalised groups and improving consultations. An authentic alternative to in-house council publications and local press now being operated centrally, not locally. 

A targeted channel of local communication, speaking to people when they are in the vicinity of a regional outlet. An innovative space for building upon national campaigns at a hyperlocal level.

Beyond the traditional local paper, online blog or listings service, our publications offer in-depth coverage of your business to exactly your target audience. Costs are reduced (or even zero) via the involvement of larger stakeholders, so more attractive and effective than spending on things like Facebook ads.

Journalism should be created by the whole community, so we’re keen younger and older voices get heard – and hear each other. We work closely with charities to offer meaningful training and paid employment to local groups. 

Really get under the skin of a neighbourhood in a way that no other media offers in one place. Become a superfan and get active with our events and editorial process. Our publications are for you and steered by you.

Trust is everything. For our platforms to remain authentic, they need to offer meaningful social and economic impact - as well as being a good read.

Trust is everything. For our platforms to remain authentic, they need to offer meaningful social and economic impact - as well as being a good read.

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